RSVP ~ A friend’s FB post today struck a chord…..
Back in the day….you were asked to RSVP for the same reasons you are today. People plan for you to attend……then they invite you…..then they ask you to RSVP…..or simply push Yes or No on an electronic version of an invitation. You open the invitation….you read it…. we know you read it because…well you talk about it to others OR US, you are revealed as a “viewer” on Evite or FB, or you are point blank asked at some point if you plan to attend. Any of those times are opportunities for choice….attend or do not attend… For some reason in the last 10 years or so, people feel that RSVP is optional. RSVP is not optional……if you choose to not RSVP then there are two sometimes three common scenarios…..

Scenario One:
Your host is forced to decide for you if you are a habitual “non-RSVP” person WE all know who you are. In this scenario the host makes food, drink, party favor decisions that include your proposed quantity. At any given time you are the one that calls at the 11th hour and says “I know I am so bad….I just was unsure of our plans”…..IE your party is still out there and we have time now… were NEVER a priority. Hello……..Non-RSVP’er you are not the priority either….WE only invite YOU and Yours out of a sense of duty. How about….You just RSVP NO…and call it good. Save us all the stress.

Scenario Two:
You are also the “I could care less about this party” person but you are most likely a family member….again….WE ARE required to invite you……again……save us all the drama and RSVP NO. You are also the people that come one time every 5-7 years and are absolutely flabbergasted that there are not enough party favors for your children to have one too……HELLO……we spent our money on the people that RSVP’D OR WERE IN SCENARIO ONE.

Scenario Three……
You are the Mom that means to RSVP and forgets….day after day…..knowing that you told your friend that you all would be there and thinking that is enough…. most of the time it is enough….but IF you get a reminder text…..IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Oh, and when you do respond to the reminder text….if you get one….there may or may not be a personalized party favor there for your little darling…..because You, Mom, are not any busier, overextended, stressed or exhausted than the rest of us moms…..

Is this brash? YES…..Is this the same level of Rudeness as the RSVP offender…..probably worse.

Some people do actually put time, effort and money into planning parties for their children and others….because they can.  They can do this for their children or others. They want to do this for their children or others.  If you do not want to attend-for whatever reason- that is SO NOT A PROBLEM. Just decline the invitation. If you don’t want to be friends….don’t be friends….If you want to celebrate the event then RSVP YES AND CELEBRATE THE EVENT! Life is too short to be considered rude and “jerked up” vs “raised”.

For the record and last comments on RSVP…..If we as the Hosts do not invite you then you are the first to call “foul” ….the first to wear the offense front and center any time you see us in the next 6 months – 20 years.  You are the one to make snide comments and cast sideways glances ~ yes we know who you are.  Just choose “yes” or “no” ……..or send regrets only if they are requested. Don’t be “that person”.


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