When I left my job to become a SAHM……I thought that there was no way I would be able to stay at home full time and NOT do something that resembled work… know..the paycheck kind of work….so Donald offered me “busy work” at our office.  I came in to the office a couple times a week, did my busy work and went home….and it went that way for probably a year and a half…then we had Chloe. As the demands on my home time grew….the reasoning for going in to the office shrunk….it was about 8 months after Chloe was born that I just stopped going in to the office.  The running joke in our house is that Daddy fired me….and that has been how it’s been since that time…until last week.  

Caleb and Chloe was up to their usual banter in the back seat as we were on our way home from Cory’s tennis tournament.  Chloe said “Mommy why did Daddy fire you again??” Caleb said ” yeah, Mommy you were fired!!! hahahaha!!!”  I said “kids I promise I was not fired…..I chose to stay at home with you….I quit working with Daddy to stay with you at home and do things with you.”

 This intrigued Chloe….she said “like what things Mommy?” I said “Well, like taking you to gymnastics, taking you to tennis, taking you to school, coming to your school, coming to your parties, teaching Sunday School……”  Chloe said….”OH MOMMY so you quit your job to teach my Sunday School???!!!!”  I said “YES HONEY I DID….” She looked at me with her pretty little blue eyes and smiled and said “I’M GLAD YOU QUIT YOUR JOB TO TEACH MY SUNDAY SCHOOL MOMMY!!” 

I am glad too Chloe! 

Sometimes I get wound up about the little irritants in life….and lately those have been caused in the car line at school or Caleb’s tardy issues…..; but I cannot think of another thing that I would rather do than drop off and pick up my children.  When I see them run in to school to start their day….or come out of school ending their day…..a smile beams across my face and my heart is happy.  I am happy to have the opportunity to drop them off.  I am blessed to be there to pick them up in the afternoons, I am blessed to be able to take Chloe with me to my Wednesday morning Bible Study.  I am blessed to be able to plan a play date at a moments notice……all of those things that I missed out on with Brad and Cory, I am getting a chance to do with my youngest “fall crop”. 

So if you are my Facebook friend and I am on a rant about someone in the car line….just know it’s a momentary thing……my days are by and large blessed beyond measure……I cannot think of anything I would rather do than teach Sunday School to Chloe’s class 🙂 





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