I Didn’t Say I Love You


My prose are not the best but they are my best….My Uncle Raymond passed away suddenly a week ago today….My parents found him.  He was 82 years old.  He would have been 83 in October.  He was a Navy veteran of the Korean War.  He was a father, grandfather and great grandfather.  He was married 3x….His second wife lost a battle with cancer….His 3rd wife was in the process of divorcing him.  Recently he had moved to an apartment in Huntsville….He was loved by all of the residents….He was cherished by us…My mother’s only surviving sibling.  He came to their home in March 2013 with only the clothes on his back and driving his old blue truck.  Of course my parents took him in.  He told my mom that he was just happy to have someone to talk to…..that no one in his home had talked to him in over a month….elder abuse is REAL and takes many forms.  Neglect is a form of abuse.  I pray that no person you know will have to suffer such treatment.

His children refused to help him…or plan services for him…we planned his memorial and over 50 people (many in their late 70’s) came to pay their respects, along with his nieces and nephews and our family.

So as basic as it is…here is my tribute to my Uncle Raymond…

I Didn’t Say I Love You

I didn’t say “I love you” and now he is gone…

I wonder if he waited…I wonder if it was long…

I didn’t say “I love you.” Did he curse or cry?

Did he pray to God? Did he ask “Why??”

I didn’t say “I love you” I didn’t even think.

It didn’t seem to matter, he never seemed “on the brink”

The strong and proud man that he was

may only have wanted to hear someone say “I love you” just because…

So as we age through the years…Remember that our fading memories

are soon replaced with fears…

Fears of isolation and “old”

Fears that no one will pull us back into the fold.

I didn’t say “I love you.”  I needed one more chance

to see that twinkle in his eye

and watch that little jig of a dance.

He was my favorite you see..

one of the few that understood me.

Rest In Peace Uncle Raymond. YOU were loved by so many.


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