Until May I had never really given thought to my personal bucket list….and then my sister-in-law was diagnosed with a rare aggressive cancer.  She just turned 46 last week. So her surgery ensued…then rounds of radiation and now she is in the middle of chemotherapy. So the bucket list that I never really thought about has taken on a more central focus in my life and the lives of my immediate family.

Bucket List #1

Instead of going on the big Disney vacation that we had been planning for 9 months…we bought Cory a vehicle and talked with the kids and decided that we really just want to go to the beach a few times a year instead of Disney.  We spend time relating to one another….just talking to each other and eating together….cooking together, sitting together….just BEING TOGETHER. Walking on the beach….swimming…listening.  After all when Donald and I are gone (although we plan to live to 100) our kids will hopefully recall these trips with fondness and continue them with their families.


I play tennis….it cycles as to how much tennis I play during any given time period….It can be 5x a week or it can be 1x a week….but I PLAY…and I love it.  So when my 2.5 team got a chance to go to sectionals I knew this was absolutely going to be included on my personal bucket list…..Donald was so supportive!  He and the kids joined us to cheer us on.  He entertained the kids at the hotel while I napped after particularly difficult matches.  So SECTIONALS = CHECK! I do so hope that I get to repeat this Bucket List item in the future but IF it doesn’t happen then I can say the experience has been awesome!  Oh, and Cory can attend Auburn IF he gets a scholarship! The town is fabulous!


A trip to Italy, Turkey and Greece.  Those may be separate trips or all at once….I am not sure yet.  Donald and I will travel to these locations and experience all that those countries have to offer. The To Do list for this trip has been started and I am collecting notes from those that have already visited so that we make the most of our trip!


Meet and have a relationship with ALL of our future grandchildren…..This one is the only one that I may be slightly worried about…..Caleb and Chloe hopefully will not dilly dally once they marry.  (again though, WE plan to live to 100, so they should have adequate time)

My bucket list is short. My bucket list is doable. Most importantly it involves the loves of my life… family.

Enjoy the pix of these VIP’s!









2 thoughts on “THE BUCKET LIST

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your sister in law, I pray she fights it. Its crazy how only when things like this happen we learn to appreciate our time on earth. I only say that because I was diagnosed with cancer cells in my uterus a few years back and had to undergo a treatment, and only them did i value my time here on earth.

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