WOW! If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be writing this blog I would have said…..I sure hope to be…..Well today I am writing this blog…on this topic!!!! CORY COX has had a breakthrough!  Well, several breakthroughs actually.  He has physically grown 5 inches and gained 8lbs since school started back in August.  He has grown emotionally as he has just completed confirmation class at our church.  He has grown academically… the school year started out rough for Cory….he has…today…all B’s and an A!

My little boy is now a young man in so many ways.  He went turkey hunting with his Papa just last weekend and got his first turkey!  He is learning to drive! He just attended his first JR High Prom event (with a date).  All of these rights of passage are piling up and he is taking them in stride.

They say it’s darkest before the dawn…..and even in January……….ESPECIALLY in January, one of the darkest months of my life……it was hard to think about the dawn….but the sun rose again and I am happy to report that Cory has risen to each challenge presented to him….sometimes with me dragging him every step of the way….but MOST times of his own accord.

My friend was over last night and was astonished at his transformation…..she said “when did your voice change???” ….. I am not ready for him to enter this phase of development, but I am ready to watch him flourish.  I am ready to support his transformation.  This is a change for me as well.  I did not handle this phase of Brad’s life well at all… I was not ready for him to become independent and find love somewhere other than with us.  Brad and Anna will tell you that I am a far cry from the smothering mother that I used to be. I have learned over the years…..and YES you can teach an old dog new tricks….however I am NOT old!





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