Tonight, at the monthly Session meeting, we discussed how we can get OFF THE HILL and in to our community.  I have been thinking about this since I left.  How can we get off the hill? I decided that being a witness to what is wonderful about the hill would be an excellent start!

What do I get on the hill at First United Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville? Well, I get another family.  I get to enjoy the company of real people that are good people.  I get to look down the pew on Sunday mornings or onto the pew behind me and see familiar loving faces.  A couple years back “our” pew emptied out…..our hearts were hurting and our routine was upended. We were lost.  All those years before we had just made it our routine to come to church……we did not really participate….we just “showed up”.  That all changed 5 years ago….because Donald and I planned and budgeted (with God’s grace of course) I was able to stay at home with Caleb when he was born.  I started volunteering for little jobs. Acolyte Coordinator, VBS, attending Bible study with Donald’s sister, bringing desserts when called.  Soon I had stepped up my volunteerism and dove in.  I have received more back than I have ever given.

When we were shattered, our church family at FUPC picked us up, put us back together and surrounded us with prayers and love.  Not just a couple people…..but any person that we encountered.  It is amazing the love you can receive when you open your heart and let people love you.  When you let your defenses down and admit that you are human and you make mistakes and you ask for forgiveness….guess what??? God hears you.  Bad decisions? Yes I have made many…..Defensive moments….oh heck yeah…..but you know what? They STILL love us.  They still open their arms and hug us.  They still pray with us ~

And when the TERRIBLE AWFUL happened a few months ago……I called my Daddy, my best friend and my pastor.  Are we perfect people? ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Does God love us perfectly? Regardless of our continued efforts to not be loved?? ABSOLUTELY.

SO….this is my witness to the wonderful happenings on the hill.  I might also add that my youngest son has acquired an affinity for beautiful music at the tender age of 5 because he is exposed to it on a weekly basis.  Our choir, and musicians are top rate!

The best feeling in the world is when those smiling little faces in Pre-K Sunday School light up as they come in our room or gather with us at children’s time each Sunday morning.  Of course….2 of those smiling faces are my babies but each and every one of those children are precious angels to me.  Talk about some unconditional love… can be found in Pre-K Sunday School at FUPC.

Watching my 14 year old continue on his faith journey through confirmation is just a remarkable thing to witness.  He makes me proud to be his mom every day.  I hear about his commentary during the confirmation classes.  He doesn’t know all that i know about his goings on….but I do tell him quite often that I have been hearing good things.  So many children at this age (14) start to lose their way or find a different way…..Cory has stayed the path.  What a blessing.

If you are looking for a church home, if you are not happy or unfulfilled where you are then come and see whats going on up on the hill.  You will come off that hill with so much more than you ever imagined.


and yes…that is a shameless plug. God expects you to share the good news!




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