Waiting for February!

Talking to my best friend last night on the phone…we decided it was time for February to be here already!  January has not been the best month for either of us. WE are ready to be done with it and move on! So tonight we are celebrating our birthdays!  Our closest friends are all born between November and February.  That time frame is not conducive to get 8 people together so we wait til after the holidays 🙂

So today for my post, after I have had some very sad posts as of late….I am focusing on the positives in our lives.  We all have our health… One of or friends recently joined our office staff at Cox Accounting….that had been a goal of hers~ to work more part time~and now she can do that!

Speaking of health.  We are so blessed that our friends have been healthy! Yeah we have the um “middle age” aches and pains, crazy allergies from out of nowhere, and little annoyances but we are healthy! Praise God!

We have people who love us and lift us up.  Even when we don’t do a great job of lifting one another up at least we can be honest and move forward and do better the next time. It’s called true friendship for anyone that has not encountered it.  True friendship stands the test of time.  Those are the people who you can call at 930pm at night or later….as needed and they will BE THERE. How ever they need to be there. Those are the people who (as the men have recently) sit around a campfire and really talk.  Yes, men do this too but they drink beer and not wine on most occasions.

Friends are the family that you get to pick! We have chosen well and we love each of them dearly!

Happy Birthday Birthday Buddies!



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