jerking, shaking, gasping for breath, unconscious, blue skin, purple lips……SEIZURE….and for someone who has only ever witnessed two types of seizures before in my 42 years…….those were febrile with the kids and one when my grandmother was dying of cancer…..so for someone with limited exposure…..obviously I was terrified.  I would have been terrified regardless of who it was suffering from that but when Caleb came to the back door on Thanksgiving afternoon and said

“MOM I think you need to check on Brad, he is acting funny….”

I went into hypersensitive mind boggling protective mode followed by total breakdown during the 911 call to uncontrollable sobbing in the bathroom of the ER to drinking a bottle of wine and smoking cigarettes for 2 days afterward. Needless to say I do not deal with stress well on any given day….but when my child is helpless and blue and not breathing…..well…. I was not strong….I was MUSH. I was SCARED…..I was PRAYING……HARD…..REALLY HARD! 

I am so thankful to report that as of right now we think this was an isolated event due to an increase in medication.  I am thankful to report that as of right now we are just focusing on counting our blessings…….

KISSING OUR BABIES ages 3-23 and….

praying many many prayers of



2 thoughts on “S-E-I-Z-U-R-E…..

  1. OMG! How scary that had to have been for you & your family! I’m glad Caleb was able to come to Brad’s rescue & Brad is better now. Hugs to you dear friend!

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