The Myth of Superwoman

Some call me Superwoman…..WOW…I wish I was.  I wish I didn’t feel overwhelmed and under-accomplished every day. I wish I had not had to go to the doctor for anti anxiety meds—-which I absolutely abhor taking…..just to get through the holiday season…The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time…..just like birthdays…..but they end up being the absolutely most stressful times of the year.  

Superwoman…NO…that is just a Facebook myth….If you KNOW ME then you know that I am frazzled, over committed, wound tight and treading water on any given day.  My truck looks like a clown car… keep piling out. My house is cluttered with a variety of toys that my over indulged children may or may not play with for more than 15 minutes on any given day.  My bedroom door is LOCKED when company comes over because that is the one room in the house where clean laundry piles high waiting on me to fold and hang it. Waiting on me because…laundry is NEVER DONE when there are 5 people constantly running from event to event and of course none of the events require the same clothing choices that the day started out in. My baseboards are only EVER TOUCHED when I get the yearly deep clean….so if you are at my house in the next month please feel free to comment on how clean they are…the deep clean happened Wednesday! My calendar…is CRAZY….there is something going on every day….and some days there are more things going on than there are people in this house…HOW IS THAT????!!!  My parents come over and repeatedly tell me to slow down….to stop running so much….but if I do….WHEN I do…chaos commences.  God forbid I get sick….even a sinus infection can ruin the week ~ then unknowing and I am sure well meaning people start thinking that I have shirked my responsibilities…..more on that later.  More on the CRAZY COX CALENDAR right now….the calendar…that rules our every move is prominently displayed in the kitchen over the breakfast table-under the wall mount tv. If it’s not on the calendar then it wont happen… now not only is it on this home calendar but “it’s” on the   DAILY DRY ERASE BOARD on the front of the fridge…AND on our phone calendars…and since iPhones are so efficient I send an event notice to Donald as soon as appointments are scheduled so that they are now on his OFFICE CALENDAR.


Now for more on the well meaning people that fear I have shirked responsibilities……well here is the backside of that story… brother is in IRAQ…..he has been for 5 months…my parents are worried silly every day….so I proposed bi-weekly facetime sessions on Sunday evenings…because that works best for MY BROTHER IN IRAQ fighting for our freedom.  In addition to this event added to our calendar…..I have recently been working part time doing photography….translate that into FULL TIME RIGHT NOW…because this is the busy season. I have worked EVERY WEEKEND since August…I shoot on Saturdays and Sundays and I edit on Tuesday mornings and Thursday mornings when the kids are at school……IF I do not have any other volunteer commitments…and normally I do….so that leaves 9pm-11pm on any given night for me to work on edits. So if I haven’t been at certain meetings that I should have been at….I do hope and pray that my friends understand….there is ONE of me and 50 things to do…..I think God understands and supports my prioritization of those events at this time. 

As I sit here writing this….the 3 yr old and 5 yr old are at my feet vying for my attention….although they have it 24/7.  Except for this 30 minutes…and they do not understand why mommy won’t come sit and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the 100th time 🙂 

Superwoman NO……Perfect life???? NO!  Am I going to post on Facebook about the throw down fight that Donald and I had a few nights ago….even last night about my 13 year old’s current choice of behaviors….NO I AM NOT. (well I guess I am right now) but in general I will not.  Am I going to gripe about people and the stupid things that they do? NO not generally…. Am I going to complain about my family issues on FACEBOOK???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……those moments are PRIVATE….they happen…I complain…I gripe…I cry…I throw epic fits and sometimes stomp my foot (as if that will help a thing) …I throw things and I can have the most insecure moments known to man or woman about any number of things…….I am not always the best example….but those are PRIVATE….and shared with very few people…..and…some days, specifically some Sunday mornings if it were not for Carol Barnett’s warm hand on my shoulder and sweet words of encouragement in my ear I might just melt down and not recover. 





2 thoughts on “The Myth of Superwoman

  1. You know I can relate to this in pretty much every single way – although I do occasionally complain or vent on Facebook. I too though am over-committed and overwhelmed. Apparently we are a lot alike. You do appear to be superwoman (from the outside). I guess reality is different. I appreciate you sharing this. I really do.

    Oh and I would LOVE some anti-anxiety medication to get my through the holidays and other specific events in which I become acutely anxious and stressed.

    I have tried in the past to express this to my physician, but he does not get it. He just wants to prescribe me an anti-depressant to take on a consistent basis (which I have tried in the past and it has not worked). That is not what I need. I just need something to help me be less anxious (to take on an as needed basis).

    Good luck to you as you strive to do it all. I know from experience, it’s not easy! Doing and being everything to everyone, results in a self-sacrifice to ourselves that is unhealthy and maladaptive. It hurts us in the end (which unintentionally hurts those around us).

    But like you, I still do it. But I am working at changing and being more “selfish” – and not draining myself to depletion. I am a work in progress and I suppose so are you.

    Good luck!

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