Its November 2…….IT’S NOVEMBER SECOND!!!!! That means there are only 28 days left in this month…….and then only 24 til Christmas 2012…… i decided that I had better get my Christmas cards ordered……ordering my personalized cards today from my favorite company results in delivery of said cards by November 13…..OK….I am feeling a little ahead of the 8 ball now 🙂

Last year when my cards came in (from this same company) i quickly opened them and admired the printing of all of the numerous photographs from 2011 that I had lovingly and purposefully selected, immediately printed address labels and signed the cards with LOVE……handed them out while we were in Little Rock and then the WHAMMY 😦 instead of the note liner saying DONALD, CHRISTI, BRAD, ANNA, CORY, CALEB AND CHLOE……

it said CHRIST………

I was devastated. All of that time and a good chunk of money spent on just the perfect Christmas card and my name was misspelled…not only misspelled…but it said CHRIST… can imagine all of the fun that some of the extended family had with that ~ at my expense~ and I was in NO MOOD to hear it…….

I quickly called the company and they immediately offered to overnight the corrected version to me at no expense. The new cards came in and everyone got a card that said Christi not Christ.

Today when I placed the order I made sure to double, triple, quadruple CHECK everything…not just my photographs. This year I cannot wait to send these out. To get all 5 of the kids in one place at one time is nothing short of a miracle and we pulled it off!

So on with HOLIDAY 2012 planning! Its here lets make the most of it!


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